Thank God, it´s Friday!

English Conversation - Kleingruppe
Sie möchten Ihre Englischkenntnisse wieder auffrischen? In lockerer, zwangloser Atmosphäre und flottem Tempo graben wir die Englischkenntnisse wieder aus und üben vor allem Sicherheit und Spaß beim Sprechen.
Have a good start into the weekend by working on your English.
Do you wish to use and develop your speaking skills in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere? Then why don't you join us?
If you need it for your job, travel or simply to maintain your level, you'll find a lot of opportunities to practice speaking and to enrich your vocabulary. We discuss short articles and talk about what is happening in the world of news and culture, lifestyle and environment. Participants’ suggestions are most welcome.
This round table in the morning is for students who have already got some English background, are able to read and talk about topics and wish to keep up and improve their English at B1 level.

15 Vormittage, 11.10.2019 - 07.02.2020
Freitag, 08:00 - 09:00 Uhr
15 Termin(e)
Kristina Breith, Öffentl. bestellte und beeidigte Fachübersetzerin und Dolmetscherin
vhs-Geschäftsstelle, Kirchenstr. 1, 82216 Maisach, Seminarraum 1